Save My Special Education Student

These identical bills affect Pennsylvania Charter Schools by changing the current process of funding for Special Education Students from local school districts to Charter Schools.
The result will be to cut the Special Education portion of the student’s subsidy by 30-60 % (generally by half)

The current formula establishes an average for all Special Ed Students that is paid for every student to a Charter School.The new formula begins with the basic regular education student allotment and multiplies that amount by 1.51% for every Special Education Student – if the money spent on that student is $25,000 or less.

So, for example, in Philadelphia, the current rate for funding for a Special Education Student is $22,242.  Under the new formula, the rate will be $8,596.72 (basic rate) x 1.51% = $12,979, a decrease of $9,263.  Under the new formula, Philadelphia Charter Schools will receive only 58% of what they are receiving this year for each of their Special Education Students.  This reduction will be phased in over a three year period.
$12,399 – Philadelphia currently spends per regular education student.  $22,242 – Philadelphia currently spends per Special Education student. $12,979 – The amount Philadelphia would send to a Charter School for the same Special Education Student under the new proposed formula.